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new friends

Whitney. 21. Oregonian for life. Add me, I'll add you back. I'm interesting, but my life is like a whirl wind. I don't update and comment everyday but I do my best. Adult content, so don't add me if you cant handle a peek into my life. I smoke, I drink, I do illegal things, I work at a butcher shop, I'm not sensitive... so if you are... don't even bother. I'm not too good at explaining myself, so try getting to know me instead.

addicted to; music, driving, road trios, guitar, hunting, tattoos, peircings, the ocean, going on vacation anytime I can, crown royal, silver jeans & hoodies, pickup trucks, working, college, reading, writing, sewing, cleaning, maryjane, summertime, swimming, parties, shootin shit, collecting firearms, trying new things, fishing, camping, staying inside but going out as well, expanding my mind, lemon in my water, cherry in my milkshake, and a quarter of maryjane baked into my birthday cake.

absolutely hate; liars, fake people, whiners, people who don't eat meat, PETA, critsism, people who are jealous and hate on me, gossip, squares, narks, gold jewelry, wintertime, snow, cars, and gangster rap that I can't relate to and neither can your suburban ass.
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